Do I need a 4WD to get to Orchid Beach?
Yes, you need a high clearance 4WD, see “Getting there

How long does it take to drive to Orchid Beach
It clearly depends on where you are coming from and beach/track conditions. Roughly. From Sunshine Coast airport….allow 4 to 5 hrs. From Rainbow Beach….allow 2.5 to 3 hrs. Across island and on inland tracks average speed is about 15 km per hr. Beach travel in average conditions within 3 hrs of low….. about 70 km per hr.

How long does it take to get to Lake McKenzie from Orchid Beach?
About 1 .5 hours, but beach travel is tide dependent. Low tide early morning and late afternoon is best.

What time is check in and out?
Check in is 2pm. Check out 10am.

The house keys are stored in combination lock security boxes next to front doors.

How far from the house to the beach….can I walk?
There are no houses on Orchid Beach itself. Kgari is perfectly positioned on an elevated block about 400 mtrs from the beach. This where you want to be for the breeze and view. You can walk to the beach in a few minutes. Most prefer to drive as the beach is 40 km long.

Are bed linen and towels provided?
No. We provide light blankets and pillows.

What size are the beds?
All beds are all queen (apart from bunk bed in Kgari which has full size quality sprung single mattresses). Note the bunk room has no door….(for ventilation).

Do I need to bring food and beverages?

What size is the fridge?
K’gari has a 610 fridge freezer, Kyeema 400ltre and Mia Mia a 610ltr.

Is there a shop, garage or café/restaurant at Orchid Beach?
Orchid Beach has a shop/garage with basic provisions, fresh milk, bread, dry goods, ice creams, takeaway food and fuel (no fresh fruit or vegetables ). There is a bar and bottle shop. Every second Friday night the “SHED” opens (bar and food venue), have a drink and meet some of the locals.

What’s provided in the houses?
Kgari download inventory
Kyeema download inventory
Mia Mia download inventory

What kind of coffee machine is provided in the houses?   
Bialetti stovetop  it needs medium or fine ground coffee… shelf in supermarket ie. Lavazza

Are the houses screened for insects? 

Yes, all houses are fully screened.

Are there fans?

No fans are needed….. all houses are particularly well ventilated and designed to be cool in summer months. 

How do I find the house?
On receipt of final payment we provide detailed information on how locate the house and find key and how the house operates.

What power is available?
There is no power grid at Orchid Beach. All houses are solar powered. A 240v output suitable for charging lap tops and phones is provided. Reasonable care must be taken when using both power and water as supply is limited by the solar system capacity. The washing machine must only be used when the sun is shining. Any appliance that uses a heat element, or heats IE: hair dryers, microwaves, toasters or portable fridges must not be used in the houses. There is automatic generator back up to cover extended bad weather periods.

Washing machine
There are top loaders in Kgari and Kyeema and Mia Mia. The washing machines use large amounts of power and can only be used when the sun is shining. You cannot use the washing machine on cloudy days or at night as it could damage our battery system.

Mobile phone reception at Orchid Beach
Currently only Telstra provide coverage at Orchid Beach. Other providers may have limited coverage in southern areas. We recommend getting a cheap Telstra Simm card to cover for emergencies.

Is there a TV or DVD? 

No. Kgari has plenty of books, games and toys and on a clear night there are lots of shooting stars at night on all verandas.

How well equipped is the kitchen? 

All kitchens are comprehensively equipped …..for a detailed list see “What’s provided in the houses”  above.

Is there heating? 

Yes, in the winter we provide a gas heater in Kgari and Kyeema. Mia Mia heats up quickly with one gas burner for 10 mins.

What about car parking? 

There is space for two cars at Kgari, one for Kyeema and one for Mia Mia.

Are there steps? 

There are is a short pathway and several steps from the car park to each house.

Can I bring a boat or trailer? 

Boats and trailers can be left at bottom of house block, in front of the container.
Please speak to us regarding trailer parking before you travel.

Is there a doctor at Orchid Beach? 

There is a hospital helicopter service and ambulance for emergencies.

Is there a medical kit provided?
No. We do recommend taking your own medical kit.

Can I bring a pet?
No. In accordance with National Parks and Wildlife policy, no domestic animals are permitted on the island.

Can you phone us?
Yes, but please look through our site thoroughly first as most questions are covered ….. Simon (+61) 411 519 614