For driving on Fraser Island it is essential to have 4WD with high clearance. Barges depart from River Heads to Kingfisher or Wanggoolba Creek. Wanggoolba is the best road to east side of the island. From River heads  to Orchid Beach takes about 3 hours. Barge departures are limited and need to be coordinated with tides. We recommend  booking the barge in advance (NOTE you need to select Fraser Barges tab to see Wangoolba ferry timetable) and purchasing a map and a tyre pressure gauge.

If flying into  Hervey Bay you may need to spend the night.  Accommodation in Hervey Bay

Alternatively (recommended) consider flying to Sunshine Coast, meeting a 4WD company at airport and driving to Rainbow Beach and then driving up eastern beach.The Rainbow Beach barge runs continuously all day, This is the easiest route to Orchid Beach. Only travel in daylight within 3 hrs of low tide, and as close to low tide as possible.

Tides at Waddy Point.
Visitors permits are essential and can be purchased at River Heads barge or online.
For first time visitors the National Parks links below are worth looking at.

About Fraser Island
Road rules and safety