Only travel in daylight and within 3hrs of low tide.
Tides at Waddy Point.
Tide times at Waddy Point.
Tyre pressure
Drop tyres to 15-20psi before beach travel.
If you get stuck you can drop pressure to 10psi
– do this first before you go down deeper.
Air and fuel is available at Eurong, Happy Valley and Orchid Beach.
Police and speed
Australian road rules apply on K’gari.
Watch out for speed signs approaching townships.
There are police and radar is used.
Pack carefully
Stow all luggage securely.
You may encounter sudden drops in sand levels, ridges,
creeks and bumps.
When approaching oncoming cars, clearly indicate your intention.
Do not change your mind!
Note there are many overseas visitors driving on the island.
When approaching people on the beach be aware they cannot hear you coming.
ALWAYS SLOW DOWN approaching people on beach.
False Beaches
These vary in size and run parallel to the ocean. A false beach can become isolated from the main beach by a small lagoon. The edges of these “sand bars” can be very soft and dangerous. If you find yourself on one, stop and follow your tracks back the way you came.
A general safety rule is to follow other tracks when you can.
Beach driving can be hypnotic and there are numerous creeks
and drops offs that can be hard to see.
Slow down on approach and proceed slowly through the water.
It is easier to follow another car.
If there’s water or bumps you will see them go through first.
Park at 90 degrees to the ocean so it is obvious you are stationary.
It’s safest to park above high tide mark, particularly in remote areas.
Always look around you when walking on the beach as
cars approach silently.